What herbicides to test? We test any herbicide(s), rates, mixtures, sequences.

On the last page of the sample registration there is a long list of herbicides to choose from for testing. If there are ANY other herbicides, other rates, other SEQUENCES, or MIXTURES eg. Paraquat + Boxer Gold etc. please enter this in the COMMENTS box during registration and we will include in the testing.

Do not wash or wet plants to avoid rotting.

What is the Quick Test

The Quick-test is a simple method by which plants (grasses and some broadleaf weeds) growing in your paddock can be tested for herbicide resistance.

How long does it take? 4 Weeks

For plants that have arrived in a healthy state, the Quick-test takes 4 weeks providing the plants received are healthy

How old can the plants be?

The Quick-test will work on plants from seedlings to advanced tillering as long as the plants are green and healthy.

Transplanted plants with new leaves are sprayed in a cabinet sprayer.

When can plants be sampled?

Plants can be sampled either before a herbicide application (eg. break of season) or after herbicides have been applied and weeds aren’t killed.

Can pre-emergent herbicides be tested?

No, but we can grow plants during the season in pollen proof cages, collect seed and test the seed the following autumn in pot trial. This saves you needing to collect seeds prior or after harvest.  The cost for this is $300 incl GST. If you wish us to grow plants out to seed, leave us a note in the comments box.

Sampling for Quick-Test- methods 2023

It is important to provide accurate details where the plants were collected from during registration.

  • Collect 50 to 100 plants per paddock, aim to collect 20 plants per herbicide test.
  • Fewer plants are needed if they are tillering.
  • Collect plants suspected of being resistant if collected after a herbicide application.
  • Carefully pull out plants and shake off soil from roots.
  • Seedlings should be placed in small ziplock bags and the air squeezed out.
  • Place them in the bags just prior to posting.
  • No paper towel needed (video shows paper towel but it is not necessary).
  • Do NOT wash or wet plants.
  • If its warm, keep in fridge until ready to post.
  • Mail to Plant Science Consulting using Australia Post (Express Post) to the address above.
  • Don’t forget to sign the Air Transport declaration.
  • Aim to post at the beginning of the week so plants are received within the week.

Registering the plant sample

Visit www.plantscienceconsulting.com.au and register your sample (s) by choosing the “Weed Resistance Quick – Test” button. At the end of the registration process a sample ID will be generated. Write the ID number on the sample bag.


Once the testing is completed a report will be generated and emailed to you including a tax invoice.

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