Quick/Seed Testing (Price per sample including GST)

1 Herbicide $155.00
2 Herbicides $260.00
3 Herbicides $350.00
4 Herbicides $440.00
5 Herbicides $520.00
6 Herbicides $600.00
7 Herbicides $680.00
8 Herbicides $760.00
9 Herbicides $840.00
10 Herbicides $915.00

For each additional herbicide after the 8th one, the cost is $80 incl GST.

For wild radish, due to the difficulty in cleaning the seed and breaking

dormancy, there is a $35/sample surcharge.

Pre-emergence herbicide testing BUNDLES for ryegrass testing ONLY.
We are offering Bundle packages for ryegrass pre-emergence testing only. It is not available for
post-emergent herbicides. There are no Bundles for any other weed species. Choose your
Bundle and then proceed below to choose any post-emergent herbicides you require also. If
you wish to choose your own pre-emergent herbicides, select them from the list. If there is any
other pre-emergence herbicide or mixture you wish we can test this. Choose from the list
below if its listed otherwise write it in the “Comments” box during registration. The prices are
Bundle 1= $240 incl GST
Bundle = $395 incl GST

Bundle 1 Bundle 2
1 Trifluralin 1.5L/ha 1  Trifluralin 1.5L/ha
2 Trifluralin 3/ha 2  Trifluralin 3/ha 2 Trifluralin
3 Trifluralin 1.5L/ha + Avadex 1.6L/ha 3  Trifluralin 1.5L/ha + Avadex 1.6L/ha
4 Prosulfocarb 3L/ha 4  Prosulfocarb 3L/ha
5 Boxer Gold 2.5L/ha 5  Boxer Gold 2.5L/ha
6 Sakura 118g/ha 6  Sakura 118g/ha
7 Propyzamide 900WG 0.56kg/ha 7  Propyzamide 900WG 0.56kg/ha
8  Avadex 2L/ha
9  Overwatch 1.25L/ha
10 Luximax 500ml/ha
11 Ultro 1.7L/ha
12 Mateno Complete 1L/ha

Crop Quality Testing (Price per sample including GST)

Vigor, Germination, Thousand Seed Weight

1 Test eg. Germination $80
2 Tests eg.Germination & Vigor $150
3 Tests eg. Germination + Vigor + 1000SW $215

Weed Viability, Clearfield, Glyphosate and
Triazine Testing

(Price per sample including GST)

Weed Viability Testing $170
Clearfield Testing $170
Triazine Testing $170
Glyphosate Testing $170

Discounts for multiple samples are available. Contact Peter for more details.