Why conduct testing

Quality testing aids in the decision making process of whether to keep or sell seed.

If seed is retained, information on vigour and thousand seed weight is important to optimise sowing.

Germination testing: is the expected percentage of seeds that will germinate under ideal sowing conditions.

Vigour testing: is the expected percentage of seeds that will germinate under adverse sowing conditions.

Thousand seed weight: this figure aids in optimising sowing rates.


How much seed to send:

Cereals, Lentils, Chickpeas, Lupins and other similar sized seed → 2 cups

Canola and other small seeds → half a cup

Faba beans and other large seeds → 5 cups


To calculate sowing rate use the following formula:

Sowing rate (kg/ha) = 1000 grain weight (g) x desired plants /m2 ÷ germination percentage


For example for Yitpi wheat:

Assuming the thousand seed weight is 40g (1000 seeds),

Desired target plant population is 150plants/m2,

Germination percentage = 80%

Sowing rate (kg/ha) = 40 x 150 ÷ 80 = 75kg/ha


For more information on calculating seeding rates with 1000 grain weights please visit the BCG website at:


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