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Control of Rigid Ryegrass in Australian Wheat Production with Pyroxasulfone

Building on the insights and perspectives that were established from the 2012 Herbicide Resistance Summit, the Herbicide Resistance Summit II was organized to facilitate a more unified understanding of the herbicide resistance issues across the country, understanding of differences of viewpoints, and approaches to solutions. This event was sponsored by the Weed Science Society of America and hosted by the National Research Council.

Weeds are estimated to cause more than $40 billion in annual global losses through degraded agricultural and silvicultural productivity, reduced access to land and water, impaired esthetics, and disruption of human activities and well-being.  Manual removal, mechanical cultivation, cultural practices, or chemical herbicides can control weeds.  However, use of physical and/or chemical methods of weed control alone is not feasible, desirable, or sufficient in every situation.